The Best High-Tech Note-Taking Tools for Online Students

Taking high-quality notes is one of the most important things you can do to help yourself be successful in your courses, both online and off. While traditional methods like pen and paper still work quite well, if you’re looking for a more high-tech solution there are plenty of options available to you.

Here are a few great tools that make it easy to take, store, share, and organize notes for all of your courses.







Evernote Available on nearly any device you have, this note-taking solution offers not only a way to jot down important information about your courses but to organize it and share it with anyone, anywhere. It’s easily one of the most popular apps among students and professionals, so it’s worth checking out even if you only use a fraction of the features it offers. Students can also integrate Evernote with Apple’s Penultimate, making it easy to store even handwritten notes.






OneNote COD students can easily integrate OneNote with their Microsoft 365 accounts, a great benefit that can make it even easier to use one of the most fully featured (website saving, emailing notes, collaborative editing? Yes, please) note-taking applications out there. Even better, it’s accessible online and allows students to sync their notes between devices.






Notability Notability stands out from many other note-taking apps in that one of its biggest draws is allowing you to easily store and share handwritten notes taken through the app on a tablet. This can be great in courses where visual note-taking is important or if you’re trying to brainstorm ideas for a project. A great Android-friendly alternative is Squid, which offers many of the same features for non-Apple devices.







Google Docs Many, if not most, students already have a Gmail account. That’s all that’s needed to get started with Google Docs, which offers a way to create documents, spreadsheets, or presentations online that are accessible on any internet-connected device. You can also upload any other documents you want to Google Drive, making it easy to keep all of your course content in one place.






Google Keep Another Google-based option for notes is Google Keep. You can take notes directly in Keep, but it also adds the ability to build to-do lists and upload pictures that may be relevant to your course. You can label your notes to organize them, but new notes show up in a pretty visual stream as you add them.






SimpleNote Love minimalism when it comes to taking notes? Simplenote uses plain text to capture your thoughts and then allows you to sync them with an iPhone or Android. Even better, if you’re already using something like Evernote, you can easily export your notes to it.







Fetchnotes Fetchnotes lets you create and organize just about everything you need for your course, not just notes. You can also use your notes to create to-do lists, work on a collaborative project, or upload pics of books you think would be a good source for your research project.

Have another favorite way to digitally take and organize your notes? Share with us in the comments and we’ll add it to the list!