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20 Amazing Digital Archives You Can Use for Research

COD gives online students access to an amazing amount of digital resources, but if you’re looking for something more, the Internet will not disappoint. There are dozens of amazing digital archives out there that you can browse, download from, and share, many from highly respected institutions with access to some of the rarest, best, and most extensive collections anywhere in the world.

Here are a few you can’t miss if you’re looking to find awe-inspiring historical photos, documents, books, and maps to flesh out your research or just want to spend an afternoon browsing through cool historical stuff.

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programming on laptop

16 Free Tools to Help You Learn to Code

While COD offers many online courses to help you learn to code (check out our online course catalog), sometimes you just want a little outside practice or the flexibility to tackle learning a difficult new skill on your own time. That’s where the plethora of free educational programming resources on the web can be incredibly useful.

Whether you’re looking for a full course or just some short tutorials, there are plenty of resources to choose from, available for nearly every programming language, level of ability, and type of media. Here are a few of the most tried and true coding resources out there to help you learn valuable skills like developing a website or an app or maintaining a database.

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