Monthly Archives: May 2016

10 Super Cool Apps for Learning with Google Cardboard

Can’t afford a fancy set of virtual reality goggles? These days, you don’t need them to have virtual reality experience. Using Cardboard, an inexpensive (ranging from $5 to $25 depending on the model) cardboard shell with attached lenses, you can turn almost any cell phone into a virtual reality viewer.

What really makes Cardboard cool is the amazing array of apps that have been designed to work with it. Some of them are just for fun (there’s no shortage of games) but many are also full of highly educational content, allowing you to learn about people, places, and events, past and present, in a completely immersive environment. Here are a few apps you can try out to enrich your educational experience while trying out some seriously cool tech.

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Keeping Your Brain Fit Over Break

Summer’s here! Time to hit the beach, take a vacation, and set aside the books until the fall, right? Well, maybe not. While you should definitely have fun over your summer vacation, failing to give your brain a workout for months on end will mean that you’ll be coming back in the fall with an out-of-shape brain that will have to work a lot harder to learn new material (think the mental equivalent of huffing and puffing while climbing stairs). In fact, you may have to spend significant time relearning things you already covered last year. No one wants that. So how can you prevent summer brain drain?

Not to worry; you don’t have to stay a full-time student to keep your brain in shape over break. There are lots of free, easy, and even really fun ways to get your brain up and active.

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