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Forget Facebook: Why You Need to Embrace LinkedIn Before Graduation

While Facebook is great for keeping up with friends and family, following products and services you’re interested in, and even connecting with your online classmates, it’s not the ideal social media tool for promoting yourself professionally. If you haven’t yet set up a LinkedIn account, or haven’t really put much effort into fleshing it out, it’s critical that you do so before graduation.

Why? According to a report from ABC News, more than 80% of today’s jobs are landed through networking. While some of that networking can happen the old fashioned way, a lot of it occurs online and if you’re out of the game, you won’t have access to these important opportunities which can make it much harder to break into a new industry or to land that critical first job after graduation.

So how to do you make the most of what LinkedIn can offer you as a soon-to-be certified professional in your field? There are a few ways you can do the work now of cultivating your profile that will help you reap big benefits later on.

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Need for Speed: How Fast Does Your Internet Connection Need to Be for Online Courses?

If there’s one thing you need to get right for taking an online course it’s your access to the Internet. It needs to be reliable, readily available for you to use, and fast enough to ensure that you can complete the things you’ll need to do for the course. But how fast is fast enough? Here, we’ll address the basics of getting the best Internet connection for an online course and discuss the speed you need to keep pace with your coursework.

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7 Ways Twitter Can Be a Powerful Educational Tool for Online Students

Twitter has made it possible to keep up with your favorite celebrities, learn about breaking news, and share your thoughts with the world—all in 140 characters or less. But have you ever considered using the site as a way to learn more about your degree program and advance in your career?

While it’s not the most conventional tool for online learning, Twitter can actually help you to become more actively involved in your studies and, as an added bonus, you may actually have quite a bit of fun while doing it. Here are some of the easiest and most productive ways to put Twitter to use in your online courses and beyond.

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